Rule Number One:

There are no rules;

only these guides to prepare and maintain

a "STANKY" way of living and pleasure!

As a true follower I will:

Endeavor to seek out and smoke only the finest of cigars;

Seek out participatory meetings of fellow Stanky members;

Join my fellow Stanky as often as possible in the enjoyment only a good cigar can bring;

Whenever possible, in order to intensify that enjoyment, a Stanky will imbibe in their favorite beverage of choice during a Stanky event;

Share a good stogie with a fellow Stanky, who may find themselves temporarily in the most untenable position of not having a cigar;

During Stanky gatherings conversation shall include any such topic as may "entertain" the group or otherwise provide for an embarrassing jab at a fellow Stanky - but only in the best of "Taste";

This need not apply to non-members.

Wear the official Stanky membership pin at Stanky meetings.